Canaries: Culinary trip to Lanzarote

Winter in Germany? Without me! I take a few days off and fly the good four hours towards the sun: The Canaries lure with 20 to 24 degrees. This time it is to be Lanzarote, there leads me my culinary journey. I try me by various restaurants, to compensate, there are sports and wellness. Lanzarote … Continue reading “Canaries: Culinary trip to Lanzarote”

3 tips for your unforgettable holiday

Short summer clothes wear, sitting outside the cafĂ©, bike and sunbathe on the beach. In Cyprus goes even in winter. I will take you with in mountain villages, to ancient archaeological sites and sunset. Here are my three tips come for you. If it is really cold and ugly in Germany, begins in Cyprus the … Continue reading “3 tips for your unforgettable holiday”

Caribbean Beaches: The Baths & Devil’s Bay on Virgin Gorda

THE beach in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean is “The Baths”. On our weeklong cruise him look forward to Virgin Gorda together with its beach neighbors, the “Devil’s Bay”. I’ll tell you about it and show you my most beautiful pictures of the two beaches. Sailing in the Caribbean About 60 islands are … Continue reading “Caribbean Beaches: The Baths & Devil’s Bay on Virgin Gorda”

Test for ideal vacation: Which Type of trip are you?

Are you on holidays rather beach bunnies, romantic or adventurous? A test will show you now, what a trip type you and makes you the same suggestions for the perfect destination in Croatia. In the article you can find more info and the link to the test. Holiday in Croatia: Do you already have your … Continue reading “Test for ideal vacation: Which Type of trip are you?”

Garden Route (South Africa)

Along the Garden Route to learn surfing, mountain biking, swimming in river, hiking to waterfalls and jump off cliffs. To balance the views of wild coasts enjoy and make long walks on the beach. I am experiencing an exciting and memorable time when I travel the Garden Route in South Africa. Here come my 8 … Continue reading “Garden Route (South Africa)”